Greetings HaileyS13, Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities! I understand that you cannot download apps from the App Store as you will be asked to read and accept the Apple Media Services Terms of Service. You will also receive this warning in a loop after you choose to continue reading the terms and conditions. I suggest the following troubleshooting steps to help you fix this issue: I updated to the latest version of iOS 12.2, it doesn`t work!!! someone from apple inc. helps, come on! How can I accept the terms and conditions of Apple Media Service as stated in this article: It seems like a mistake, but the above method made it possible to bypass the hidden/missing terms that I did at least fifteen times with both devices and it did not work. I signed out of my Apple ID and signed in again, they also allowed me to reset my network settings. I`ve done everything everyone here has suggested, and mine still won`t give me the terms and conditions. When should you click Cancel? The first time he says new conditions or if you have already opened the document? 2. Sign out of your Apple ID and sign in again Another possible solution you can try is to sign out of your Apple ID and sign in again. Keep in mind that for every iOS software update, you`ll need to restart your iPhone or iPad for the changes to take effect. Try the same trick with your Apple ID and you can validate the new conditions like this.

-> In the App Store, tap your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. -> Tap “Sign Out” at the bottom of the screen. -> Next, provide your Apple ID and password to sign in again. Now, go back to the Updates tab and try to update the app and see that the Apple Media Services error has been fixed. 3. Check iTunes payment settings If none of the above features work, the next option is to check your iTunes payment settings. In some cases, if the terms and conditions are changed, you may need to re-enter the security code of your payment options to make sure you meet them. This is done as follows: -> Tap your profile icon again, which is available in the upper right corner of the App Store screen. -> Tap your name. -> Select “Payment Information”.

-> Update Security Code and tap Done. Sometimes, people with this problem could not access this contact page. So please contact Don`t report it as a podcasting issue – they don`t handle it – but as an inability to access the contact page. It has also been suggested that they should be tricked into looking at your Apple ID to clarify things. Here too. I tried all the usual tricks from Apple. (You know, the one who tells you that the problem is on your side, not theirs..) Connect, disconnect, restart, restart hard, reconnect, reconnect, check date and time, reset network, reset completely, change country, accept term again, change country, change country, relearn conditions, cancel, etc. etc. Nothing works. I have 4-5 apps that need to be updated on my iPhone 8 Plus and MacBook Air, but I can`t accept the new terms and conditions. When I click Update, I see the following message: “The Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions have changed.

To continue, you need to read the new terms and conditions. When I click OK, I`m redirected to a blank screen on my iPhone 8 Plus and MacBook Air where I can`t read or accept anything. It worked! Once the screen appears, it is blank, but if you simply tap on the white area (without scrolling), the terms suddenly appear. Thank you. I also have this problem. Is there a solution you have found? Always quick to accept the terms and conditions Keep trying. Force close the App Store (blank screen) and try again. There doesn`t seem to be a model, but eventually there are the conditions you can accept. I can view and accept the new terms and conditions, but immediately after clicking “Accept”, the prompt on the photo appears again, so I`m stuck in a loop and still can`t download/update anything. I tried restarting the phone as well as connecting and disconnecting, but nothing worked. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution? 3 Ways to Fix “Apple Media Services Terms of Service” error 1.

Skim & Accept The Terms and Conditions Press OK, browse and accept the new Terms and Conditions. When the command prompt appears again, try checking for the new terms using the following trick: -> Tap the App Store icon in your profile in the upper-right corner of the screen. -> Next, tap on your name and use Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate -> Scroll down and tap on “Terms of Service”. Try to commit the changes here. I clicked Cancel when it first entered new conditions and allowed me to update my apps. Cheers and good luck Trying to accept the conditions on an old Iphone4s didn`t work, it`s looping there too. Whenever I try to download something from the App Store, it says “The Apple Media Services Terms of Service have changed” and I can`t agree with them as it would keep popping up. App Store bug “Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions”.

Did anyone get the problem, I have three devices all stuck in these multimedia terms when you try to download something from the App Store, the terms and conditions keep coming back, I also get a blank screen. Try scrolling the blank screen. I did so and the terms of use were displayed, as well as the “Accept” button. Have you scrolled down and agreed to the terms? Restarting was the first thing I tried. This could have been a problem on Apple`s part. Shortly after registering an iTunes support request, I was able to complete the media change request on my iPhone. Updates for the iPad and Mac apps have started to work. .

ASC – Late 2012 Mac mini, macOS 10.14;  Watch, Series 3 Cellular, watchOS 5; iPad Air 2 and iPhone 8+, iOS 12; TV 4. generation, tvOS 12;  Airport Express with Airplay 2 I love my iPad, but thank God it would never happen with Google Play. All I`ve had is blank screens on all my devices. Now, the App Store on my iPhone shows the message “App Store is not available” and doesn`t allow me to sign in to the App Store… Not for me. I tried it on WiFi, on cell phone, typed, scrolled, did a hard reset, stopped, and NOTHING worked. . That`s what I found in another person`s answer and it worked for me. maybe you could try that. Apr 24, 2019 9:37 PM in response to greta240 In response to greta240. We were emailed today by a number of iOS fans who complain that they can`t bypass the above prompt and the situation prevents them from making app updates or new app downloads from the App Store. The warning screen prompts users to read and agree to Apple`s new media terms and conditions.

It offers two options: “Cancel” or “OK”. Regardless of the selection you choose, the prompt always appears when an update or new download is requested. . It`s not even the first time something like this has happened, as if I had to talk to support just to allow credit card purchases on my device. . I was able to accept this on an Ipad with IOS 11, the pop-up screen was visible, and then the iPhone app upgrades were unlocked. . It was the only thing that worked! I have had the problem for 3 weeks.

Thank you make sure you`re signed in to iTunes, have registered a payment method (even if podcasting is free), and your computer is authorized for iTunes. Downloading a free app can be helpful. Hello, I have the same problem. Could you fix it?. I encountered this issue when I tried to update apps on my iPhone 8. When I clicked “Update”, the “Apple Media Services Terms of Service have changed” prompt appeared and the “OK” click took me to a blank screen. After reading the other answers, I tried scrolling to the end of the blank screen. Once I clicked on the blank screen, the full terms and conditions appeared and I was able to click “Accept” (at the top right of the screen). If you`re still having problems, report them to podcast support. Go to iTunes Connect | Contact us.

Contact iTunes Support. Use the form or scroll to the bottom of the page in the 2nd link. Follow the screens to get a chat or phone option… Same problem, my iTunes Store is Canada Store here, which stores are all the others? I think we should know if it is geographically specific. Also ios12.2 too. . I finally made my Ipad work by turning it off and waiting a few seconds and turning it back on… Many people have had this problem, from what I know, some managed to update to the latest iOS software, others by selecting Cancel instead of OK, and some had to restart their device 3 times or more to fix it here. How is it that this error appears? no UAT?.

. . Equal. I spent an hour and a half chatting with them and they wanted to arrange a time to call me but I sleep or work during their hours, they want to call me because I work in the 2nd shift. .